Our Solutions

Building Automation

As your partner for advanced building technologies and integrated solutions, we deliver workplace comfort and energy efficiency.

Our solutions include lighting, central plant, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and critical building environments – all responsive to the unique needs of our customers.

Energy Management

continuous energy management system over a period of several years can realistically save up to 30% in industry and buildings and is economically viable.

Costs for peak loads in companies can be reduced significantly by means of energy management. Only organizational measures are required for its implementation. A detailed overview of consumptions and load profiles is a good basis for tariff negotiations with the energy supplier.


Room automation

Room control is characterized by simple operation, high flexibility, and the smooth integration into building automation. GFR room automation ensures a reduction of energy consumption while simultaneously enhancing comfort. Furthermore, it manages the monitoring and effective control of indoor temperature, air quality, lighting, and shading of rooms. Room automation always considers high comfort and optimum energy efficiency, covering hotels, residential applications, offices, schools and universities, and offices.